Who’s Sweating Under The Spotlight?, You’ll Be Shocked

The recent press conference involving National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby quickly turned into a heated discussion when questions regarding President Biden’s alleged corruption were raised. As the Twitterverse exploded with criticism, it became evident that Kirby’s response failed to satisfy the public’s thirst for transparency.

New York Post reporter Steven Nelson confronted Kirby with the startling statistic that a majority of Americans, including Democrats, believe in Biden’s involvement in an illicit influence peddling scheme with his son Hunter. Kirby appeared taken aback, responding with a stunned “Wow” and struggling to provide a substantial answer.

Critics on social media wasted no time in lambasting Kirby for ignoring the ongoing investigation into the Biden family’s activities. They accused him of evading the question and failing to provide a satisfactory response. The public demanded answers and transparency from the Biden administration.

The controversy surrounding Kirby’s evasiveness further fuels the skepticism surrounding Biden’s integrity. The American people deserve open and honest leadership, and it is essential for the Biden administration to address these allegations seriously.

Source Fox News