Why This New Ruling Is Sending Shockwaves Through D.C.

It’s a good day for Second Amendment champions across our great nation! The Biden administration’s overt attempt to undermine our constitutionally protected right to bear arms received a swift check by the justice system on Tuesday. In a remarkable ruling, a federal appeals court expressed serious doubts regarding the constitutionality of the Biden administration’s regulation of pistol braces.

Why the regulation? Well, according to the Biden administration, pistol braces – accessories attached to the back of a firearm that aid in one-handed aiming and shooting – apparently make guns more dangerous. Sounds like another veiled attempt to control our guns and our rights, doesn’t it?

This regulation, which President Joe Biden was so eager to impose after a few isolated incidents, demanded gun owners register these pistol braces and pay a fee. A blatant encroachment on our Second Amendment rights. Luckily, champions of our freedom, two gun owners from Texas, alongside a gun rights group and dealer, rose to the challenge, suing the administration. And guess what? Victory is within sight!

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in the heart of New Orleans has boldly declared that Biden’s rule requiring this registration seems destined to fail in the face of legal challenges. The court’s opinion, penned by Judge Jerry Smith, underscores a need for a consistent application of our laws.

The court’s 2-1 decision to extend the block on enforcement for two months and sending the case back for further deliberation is a testament to our nation’s enduring commitment to the Constitution.

So here’s a shout-out to our fellow Second Amendment advocates. Keep defending our rights. Let this serve as a reminder that freedom will always prevail against misguided attempts to regulate and control!

Source Fox News