Yet Another Education Scandal, You’ll Never GUESS Who’s Involved

According to a report by the American Accountability Foundation (AAF), the Biden administration is unfairly targeting for-profit trade schools, putting working-class students at a disadvantage. The AAF accuses Richard Cordray, the Education Department’s chief operating officer of federal student aid, of pursuing a “witch hunt” against career colleges with left-wing figures and Democratic state attorneys general.

The AAF’s report argues that the administration is biased towards state-run or traditional private colleges and universities, even when those may not be the best fit for students. They claim that Cordray and his team of “partisan ideologues” are using the federal student aid process for political purposes and are unfairly targeting career colleges.

Career colleges first came under fire with the Obama administration, which created the Federal Student Aid Enforcement Unit in 2016 to conduct oversight on all federal education funds. The unit mostly focused on for-profit schools. In contrast, the Trump administration closed the student financial aid enforcement office and raised the threshold for students to be able to seek debt relief.

The AAF argues that the Biden administration’s focus on career colleges is disproportionate and puts working-class students at a disadvantage. They accuse Cordray and his team of being biased against for-profit institutions and pursuing a political agenda.

Source Fox News