You Will Be Shocked To Know What Experts Are Saying About Biden Now

As the countdown to the 2024 Presidential election begins, Americans are growing increasingly concerned about the mental fitness of President Joe Biden. In a recent discussion on ‘Outnumbered’, a Fox News program, the panel expressed their worries about Biden’s cognitive abilities, with some calling for a cognitive test to be conducted.

Dr. Siegel, a Fox News medical contributor, emphasized that Americans deserve to see a cognitive test conducted on President Biden. He cited concerns about Biden’s inability to recollect names, stumbling during speeches, and an overall decrease in his cognitive abilities. These are valid concerns that cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to the leader of the free world.

The President’s cognitive abilities have been a topic of discussion since his election, with many Republicans claiming that he is not fit for office. The White House has consistently maintained that the President is in good health, but the American people deserve more than just words. They deserve concrete evidence that their President is mentally fit to lead the country.

As Americans, we need to demand that our leaders are held to the highest standards, and this includes their mental health. It is not just a matter of political affiliation; it is about ensuring that the person who holds the most powerful position in the world is capable of fulfilling their duties.

The 2024 Presidential election is just around the corner, and Americans need to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing their leader. Biden’s mental fitness needs to be seriously considered, and a cognitive test is the best way to do that.