You Won’t Believe What’s Happening Inside The White House Now

The scandals engulfing the Biden administration have revealed a concerning pattern of abuse of power and corruption. From the mishandling of Hunter Biden’s taxes to the use of government agencies to target political opponents, the depth of these scandals is deeply troubling. Yet, what is more concerning is the lack of outrage and action from Democrats in holding the administration accountable.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s actions have raised serious concerns, particularly his failure to address clear evidence of wrongdoing and his apparent obstruction of justice. The Biden White House seems adept at manipulating the IRS, FBI, and CIA for its own benefit, jeopardizing the integrity of these institutions.

The contrast between the reactions of Democrats and Republicans during Watergate and the current scandals is stark. While Watergate sparked outrage and bipartisan calls for justice, the Biden scandals have been met with a disturbing lack of interest and an unwillingness to address the glaring abuses of power.

The Durham report has begun to shed light on the institutional corruption and illegality that has permeated the current system. It is crucial for the American people to stay informed and support the efforts of House Republican investigators as they work to expose the truth and demand reform.

The Biden-Garland-establishment system is plagued by corruption on a grand scale, surpassing the scandals of Watergate. It is our duty as citizens to ensure that our government operates with honesty, integrity, and fidelity to the law. Only through unwavering determination and a commitment to accountability can we restore faith in our institutions and protect the foundations of our democracy.

Source Fox News