You’ll be shocked to know the nominee’s questionable actions in Lebanon.

In a stunning turn of events, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas took to the Senate floor to express his vehement opposition to the nomination of Ambassador Elizabeth Richard for the crucial role of counterterrorism coordinator. Citing her track record as ambassador to Lebanon, Cruz declared her unfit and unqualified for the position.

During his impassioned speech, Cruz highlighted Richard’s questionable policies that involved funneling American taxpayer dollars to fund and bolster the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Lebanon. He pointed out that she even oversaw the construction of the ISF Academy, all financed by hardworking American citizens.

“What did Mrs. Richard do when she was in Lebanon?” Cruz exclaimed. “She pushed for policies that ultimately ended up supporting groups like Hezbollah, indirectly aiding terrorists who pose a threat to our national security.”

Cruz also brought attention to the tragic case of Amer Fakhoury, a former U.S. hostage who suffered six months of imprisonment and torture in Lebanon. Despite never being previously accused of the charges, Fakhoury was detained after false allegations surfaced in a Hezbollah-backed newspaper.

It was only through bipartisan efforts and the intervention of the Trump administration that Fakhoury was eventually released, although it was too late, as he tragically passed away shortly afterward.

The nomination of Ambassador Richard has sparked outrage among Republican voters and the family of Amer Fakhoury. They expressed shock and dismay that the Biden administration would select someone with such a troubling record to take on the critical role of counterterrorism coordinator.

“Our father would still be alive if Ambassador Richard and the U.S. Embassy had prioritized an American citizen’s life over catering to the Hezbollah-backed Lebanese government,” Fakhoury’s family stated.

Cruz further criticized Richard for acting out of fear instead of prioritizing the safety of Americans abroad. He pointed to her decision to send away a military force deployed to protect the U.S.

Embassy in Beirut following the assassination of Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani. Cruz argued that Richard’s actions endangered the lives of embassy personnel and demonstrated a pattern of appeasing Hezbollah.

“Her approach to counterterrorism consistently downplays the threat of terrorism, appeases the terrorists, and even provides indirect support to terrorist groups,” Cruz asserted. “This approach is utterly disqualifying for a nominee for coordinator of counterterrorism.”

The nomination of Ambassador Elizabeth Richard for the crucial role of counterterrorism coordinator has sparked a fierce Republican backlash. Senator Cruz’s impassioned speech highlights the concerns shared by many Republicans about Richard’s policies and actions during her time as ambassador to Lebanon.

It remains to be seen how this controversy will unfold and whether President Biden will reconsider his nomination in light of these serious objections.

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Source Fox News