You’ll Be Shocked To Know What Biden Said About This Recent White House Event.

In a recent display of his progressive agenda, President Biden attended a White House LGBT+ pride event and made controversial remarks that have raised eyebrows among patriotic Americans.

Biden claimed to witness more courage at the pride event than at any other time in recent history, including his address to the Air Force Academy just ten days prior.

Addressing the crowd, Biden exclaimed, “You’re some of the bravest and most inspiring people I’ve ever known. And I’ve known a lot of good folks.

I see more courage in this lawn than I’ve seen in any time in the recent past.” These words not only undermine the bravery of our servicemen and women but also reveal Biden’s true priorities.

It is worth noting that Biden’s statement comes on the heels of his memorable stumble at the Air Force Academy graduation. While his embarrassing fall may have garnered attention, it is his words that raise concerns.

During his speech to the cadets, Biden focused on the importance of diversity, claiming that their class was one of the most diverse in history.

Biden proclaimed, “Your class is one of the most diverse classes in the history of this academy or any academy to graduate. That’s why we’re strong.

That’s why we’re who we are. That’s why we’ll never give up.” While diversity is important, it is not the sole factor that determines the strength and success of our armed forces.

Furthermore, the White House proudly displayed a pride flag alongside two American flags during the event. Biden used his speech as an opportunity to emphasize his support for LGBTQ+ children and transgender individuals.

While it is essential to respect and protect the rights of all Americans, this excessive focus on identity politics detracts from the unity and values that should bind us together as a nation.

The Biden administration has also announced federal plans to support the LGBT+ community, including initiatives aimed at supporting LGBT+ youth and countering Republican efforts to protect children from age-inappropriate material in public schools. It is disheartening to see the government prioritize political correctness over the well-being and education of our future generations.

In conclusion, President Biden’s attendance at the pride event and his subsequent remarks demonstrate his misplaced priorities. While he may claim to see courage in the crowd, it is clear that his words only serve to divide our nation further.

As Republicans, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to traditional values and principles that have made America the greatest nation on earth.

We will not be swayed by political theatrics and virtue signaling. Our focus remains on the preservation of liberty, prosperity, and the American dream.

Source Fox News