You’ll Be Shocked To Know What Bipartisanship Has Achieved This Time

In a grand display of self-congratulation, President Biden took to the podium last Friday to address the nation, boasting about the bipartisan passage of a bill to raise the government’s borrowing limit. But let’s take a closer look at what really happened and whether this so-called “victory” is something to celebrate.

Biden began his speech by reminiscing about his campaign promises of bipartisanship, painting himself as a unifier who can bridge the divide between Democrats and Republicans. He claimed that he refused to believe the days of working together were over. But his words ring hollow when we examine the reality of his presidency so far.

The truth is, this debt ceiling deal was the result of weeks of tense negotiations between Biden and Republican House leaders. It was not some spontaneous moment of unity, but rather a grudging compromise reached after Republicans stood firm in their demands for fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Biden warned of the dire consequences of failing to reach an agreement on the budget, claiming that there were “extreme voices” threatening to take America into default on its national debt.

While the prospect of default is indeed concerning, it is disingenuous for Biden to act as if he single-handedly saved the nation from disaster. It was the Republicans who pushed for responsible spending limits and forced the Democrats to come to the table.

The bipartisan deal itself is not without its flaws. While it temporarily suspends the debt limit until 2025, it also slashes non-defense spending and pulls back on funding for the IRS. This raises concerns about the government’s ability to effectively address pressing issues such as national security and economic recovery.

Furthermore, the bill includes a cap on spending increases at a mere 1% for the following year. This limit fails to account for the rising costs of essential programs and fails to address the urgent needs of the American people.

In the end, Biden’s speech was nothing more than a political performance designed to bolster his image as a bipartisan leader. But we must not be swayed by the rhetoric. It is important to examine the facts and hold our elected officials accountable for their actions.

The debt ceiling deal may have been a temporary solution, but it falls short of addressing the long-term challenges facing our nation. We need real leadership and responsible governance, not just empty words and political theatrics. The American people deserve better.

Source Fox News