You’ll Be Shocked To Know what China did on US soil.

In a stunning turn of events, a group of Republican senators is demanding that President Biden finally provide answers regarding a Chinese spy balloon that traversed across the United States earlier this year. Senators Marco Rubio and Roger Wicker, along with 17 of their colleagues, have expressed their frustration with Biden’s alleged failure to address China’s flagrant violation of U.S. sovereignty.

Four months have passed since the surveillance balloon, carrying sophisticated spying equipment, floated across sovereign U.S. territory. Yet, the American people have been left in the dark about how this security breach occurred and what information the balloon gathered during its mission. The lack of transparency from the Biden administration is deeply concerning.

The Republicans’ demand for answers is not unfounded. It is crucial for the American public to know the truth behind this incident and for appropriate action to be taken to hold China accountable. This is not the first time the Chinese Communist Party has engaged in such espionage activities.

Their brazen threats to our national security continue to escalate, as demonstrated by dangerous maneuvers against U.S. aircraft and ships, support for Russia’s aggression, human rights violations, and their constant intimidation of Taiwan.

Recent reports have revealed a wider pattern of Chinese intelligence collection efforts, including cyber attacks and space-related activities. The Chinese spy balloon incident is just one part of a much larger strategy aimed at undermining U.S. interests. It is imperative that the Biden administration exposes these efforts and ensures the American people are fully aware of the threats posed by China.

Furthermore, the senators are urging President Biden to release all relevant information collected about the spy balloon and to stand up against China’s attempts to coerce silence on this matter. The United States must demonstrate strength and resolve in the face of such aggression, or risk further encroachment on our national security.

The demand for answers from these Republican senators is a call to action. The American people deserve transparency, accountability, and a strong response to protect our sovereignty and national interests. President Biden must address these concerns and provide the information necessary to shed light on this alarming incident.

It remains to be seen how the Biden administration will respond to this demand. As passionate Republican voters, we must stay vigilant and continue to hold our elected officials accountable for safeguarding our nation against threats from abroad. The Chinese spy balloon incident is a stark reminder of the challenges we face and the importance of a strong and decisive response.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story as we await President Biden’s response.

Source Fox News