You’ll Be Shocked To Know What’s Revealed in These Texts.

Hello, passionate Republican voters! Today, we have a story that sheds light on the powerful dynamics within the Biden family. Text messages obtained by Fox News Digital reveal a candid conversation between Hunter Biden and his former business partner, Devon Archer, in March 2019.

Archer questioned why the Obama-Biden administration’s DOJ arrested him and received no assistance from the Biden family. Biden responded, defending his family, stating that there was no connection between his father’s administration and Archer’s legal troubles. He emphasized that every president’s family is held to a higher standard and faces scrutiny, given their power and influence.

The first son continued, acknowledging the unfairness of the situation but expressing his belief in the American justice system. He reassured Archer that truth would prevail, and they would be redeemed despite the challenges they faced.

Throughout the exchange, Hunter Biden made it clear that the Biden family stands together, even in the darkest moments. He highlighted the price of power and the sacrifices that come with it, emphasizing that they were different, and they would endure through perseverance and poise.

Archer apologized for his texts, attributing his troubles to personal demons, and Hunter responded with compassion, affirming his understanding and love for his friend.

This conversation provides a unique glimpse into the dynamics of the Biden family and how they deal with the challenges that come with being in positions of power. It showcases their unwavering support for each other, even in times of adversity.

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Source Fox News