You’ll Be Shocked To Know Which Political Figure Is in Hot Water

In a shocking turn of events, Cedric Richmond, former aide to Joe Biden and senior adviser to the Democratic National Committee, managed to avoid being tested for driving while intoxicated despite being involved in a car crash. The incident occurred on April 23 in New Orleans when Richmond, accompanied by his young son, crashed his vehicle into a tree, resulting in injuries for both of them.

According to the police report, Richmond was in a dazed and disoriented state, with slurred speech following the accident. Surprisingly, however, he was not subjected to an alcohol test or issued a traffic citation, given “the medical condition of the driver and the statement provided by the passenger of the vehicle.”

But the plot thickens. Richmond’s son claimed that their car veered off the road due to an orange Corvette, yet no evidence of such a speeding vehicle was found near the crash scene. Anthony Radosti, a former officer of the New Orleans Police Department, expressed his skepticism, stating that using Richmond’s son’s testimony as an excuse for not issuing a citation was a weak argument.

This incident raises serious concerns about preferential treatment for high-profile politicians. Tim Lentz, former chief of the Covington Police Department, acknowledged that cases involving politicians were handled differently and referred to as “acute political emergencies.” He stressed the need for officers to receive proper guidance to prevent mistakes in such cases.

The New Orleans Police Department issued a statement defending their actions, claiming that the responding officer did not detect an odor of alcohol on Richmond, which led to the decision not to conduct tests for impairment. Furthermore, the department justified the lack of citation issuance based on the fact that Richmond was receiving emergency treatment before being transported to the hospital.

However, critics argue that an investigation is necessary to ensure the proper handling of the situation. Former NOPD superintendent Ronal Serpas emphasized the importance of a thorough review to ascertain whether the department followed the correct protocols.

As of now, Cedric Richmond has not responded to requests for comment regarding the incident. While he insists that the police report speaks for itself, many questions remain unanswered. Is there a cover-up happening to protect a close ally of Joe Biden? Or is this simply a case of mishandling and incompetence within the law enforcement system?

One thing is clear: this incident reeks of special treatment and raises doubts about the integrity and fairness of our justice system. The American people deserve transparency and accountability, regardless of political affiliation. We must demand answers and hold our elected officials and law enforcement accountable for their actions.

Source Fox News