You’ll Be Shocked To Know who raised millions in just a few days!

In a stunning display of support and loyalty, Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign has reported a whopping $6.6 million in fundraising since news broke of the federal indictment against the former president.

This incredible achievement showcases the unwavering dedication of passionate Republican voters who believe in Trump’s vision for America.

The Trump campaign announced on Wednesday that an impressive $4.5 million was raised through grassroots digital fundraising efforts. Additionally, an astounding $2.1 million was brought in during Tuesday evening’s major fundraiser, held just hours after Trump’s arraignment in federal court. This event took place at his prestigious Bedminster, New Jersey golf club, where Trump was joined by his top donors and bundlers.

It was a momentous occasion as Trump arrived at the fundraiser, having just flown back from Miami, Florida. Earlier in the day, he had pleaded not guilty to criminal charges related to allegations of retaining national security records at his Mar-a-Lago estate and obstructing federal efforts to recover those documents. These charges amount to a staggering 37 felony counts, but Trump remains resolute in his fight for justice.

Upon his arrival at Bedminster, Trump delivered a powerful speech at the main entrance of his golf club, which was broadcasted live on several national cable networks, including our very own Fox News. Shortly after, he joined his supporters inside the facility and addressed them with heartfelt remarks. Notably, he sat at a table that included the esteemed Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, a dedicated advocate in the Senate.

Critics may attempt to undermine the significance of this fundraising triumph, suggesting it was coincidental and unrelated to Trump’s indictment. However, let’s set the record straight.

The Trump campaign informed Fox News that the fundraiser had been planned long before the indictment, and attendees were well aware of the circumstances surrounding Trump’s arraignment in Florida.

While Trump unquestionably leads the latest GOP 2024 presidential nomination polls, the race for campaign funds is becoming increasingly intense. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a rising star in conservative circles, raised an astonishing $8 million within the first 24 hours of declaring his candidacy. This underscores the fierce competition Trump faces as he seeks financial support for his campaign.

Remarkably, Trump’s indictment seems to have ignited a surge in fundraising. In the first 24 hours following the announcement, his campaign secured an impressive $4 million, and over the course of two weeks, a staggering $15.4 million was raised.

This level of support emphasizes that Trump’s message resonates with everyday Americans who are dedicated to making America great again.

While the majority of Trump’s fundraising comes from small-dollar, grassroots contributions, the significant sum raised at the Bedminster fundraiser demonstrates that the former president still holds sway over deep-pocketed donors and bundlers within the GOP.

Ninety percent of the funds raised will go directly to the Trump 2024 campaign, while the remaining 10% will be allocated to Trump’s Save America PAC, which supports non-campaign-related expenses, including legal fees.

This exceptional show of support is a testament to the enduring spirit of the Republican party and its unwavering commitment to Donald Trump. The fundraising success sends a powerful message to detractors: Trump’s influence remains steadfast, and his loyal supporters are ready to rally behind him in the fight to reclaim the White House.

Stay tuned for more updates on Trump’s campaign as he continues his journey to restore American greatness. Together, we can make America strong, prosperous, and secure once again.

Source Fox News