You’ll Be Shocked To Know Who’s Leading the AI Charge Now

The Biden administration’s decision to put Kamala Harris in charge of artificial intelligence has become the punchline of many jokes. But the issue of AI technology is no laughing matter. As Harris struggles with low approval ratings and President Biden’s declining mental capacity, the Democrats urgently need a way to rehabilitate her image ahead of the 2024 presidential race. But this move is not the way.

Harris has a history of sounding incoherent when talking about complex policy issues. Her speeches often sound like they’re being dumbed down for a kindergarten audience.

Even worse, her poll numbers reflect voter concerns that she hasn’t performed well in her job as vice president. She has a net negative favorability rating, and 53% of voters have an unfavorable opinion of her, for a net negative of -12 percentage points.

But the problem with Harris goes beyond her lack of depth. There are also serious questions about her integrity. The American people simply do not trust her.

Beyond the allegations of a negative work environment, Harris’ dishonest assessment of the border problem is still fresh on voters’ minds. In September 2022, as 2 million people were crossing our borders and drug cartels were expanding their profitable trafficking and fentanyl operations, Harris twice told Chuck Todd that “the border is secure.” Of course, she hadn’t even bothered to go there.

The Biden administration seems to believe that Harris’ problems with the public are simply a reflection of voters’ inherent racism and sexism. But the American people deserve more than the perfunctory lip service and agenda-driven gaslighting Harris is likely to give the issue of AI technology. This is a complex and high-stakes issue that calls for a deep thinker, not a party loyalist.

By putting Harris in charge of artificial intelligence, the administration hopes to convince a skeptical public that Harris is ready to take over for the oldest president in history if needed. But if these attempts to make Harris look intelligent actually are artificial, they risk proving just the opposite.

Source Fox News