You’ll Be Shocked To Know Who’s Not Addressing The Elephant In The Room

Vice President Kamala Harris attended a fundraising event in Atlanta shortly after the expiration of Title 42, a policy that helped control migration at the border.

Despite the ongoing border crisis, Harris chose not to address immigration in her speech and instead focused on other topics. Republicans criticized her for the timing of the event, questioning her priorities and leadership.


  1. Lack of prioritization: Harris’s decision to attend a fundraiser instead of addressing the pressing border crisis raises concerns about her ability to prioritize the nation’s challenges appropriately.
  2. Deflection of responsibility: By blaming Congress for the immigration issue, Harris and the Biden administration attempt to shift the blame away from their own inability to address the crisis effectively.
  3. Republican backlash: The Republican Party of Georgia criticized Harris for campaigning while border communities face chaos and inflation spirals out of control.
  4. Border czar’s failure: Despite being tasked with handling the mass migration issue, Harris has yet to provide an effective solution or demonstrate leadership in managing the crisis.
    Judicial intervention:
  5. A federal judge’s restraining order on the Biden administration’s policy to release migrants without court dates highlights the need for a more comprehensive and lawful approach.

Vice President Harris’s decision to attend a fundraiser instead of addressing the border crisis is a disappointing display of misplaced priorities. While thousands of migrants flood the border, overwhelming our border agents and posing a significant national security risk, Harris chooses to focus on unrelated issues.

This lack of leadership and prioritization is emblematic of the entire Biden administration’s approach to the border crisis.

By deflecting blame onto Congress, Harris and the administration attempt to evade responsibility for their failure to address the issue effectively. It is clear that immediate action is required to secure our borders and protect American citizens.

Republicans rightly criticize Harris for her lack of leadership and her detachment from the real challenges facing our country.

Furthermore, the judicial intervention in blocking the administration’s policy to release migrants without court dates underscores the need for a lawful and comprehensive approach to immigration. We cannot ignore the rule of law and allow migrants to enter the country without proper vetting and processing.

It is imperative that the Biden administration and Vice President Harris take immediate action to address the border crisis, prioritize the safety and security of our nation, and provide effective solutions rather than engaging in fundraising events that only serve to further divide our already polarized country.

Source Fox News