You’ll Never Guess the latest development in a controversial case

In a shocking revelation, federal investigators were aware as early as December 2019 that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained reliable evidence and was not manipulated in any way. However, they were obstructed from accessing all available information, raising serious questions about potential political interference.

These bombshell revelations come from two IRS whistleblowers whose testimonies were released by the House Ways and Means Committee.

Gary Shapley Jr., the supervisor of the investigation at the IRS, testified that decisions made throughout the Hunter Biden probe seemed to benefit the subject of the investigation at every stage. The investigation, codenamed “Sportsman,” was initially opened in November 2018 as an offshoot of an IRS investigation into a foreign-based amateur online pornography platform. The exact connection between the pornography outlet and Biden remains unclear.

It was in October 2019 that the FBI became aware of a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden, which could contain evidence of a crime. The FBI verified its authenticity by matching the device number against Hunter Biden’s Apple iCloud ID. The laptop was subsequently taken into possession by the FBI in December 2019, with the agency notifying the IRS of potential evidence of tax crimes.

John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the laptop repair shop, was subpoenaed to testify before the U.S. District Court in Delaware in December 2019. The FBI’s property receipt for the laptop, obtained by Fox News Digital in 2020, revealed its case ID as “272D-BA-3065729.” This classification is linked to money laundering and transnational or blanket crimes, as stated in FBI documents.

Despite the FBI’s verification of the laptop’s authenticity and corroborating data with other sources, many Biden allies dismissed it as Russian disinformation. In fact, just weeks before the 2020 election, 51 former national security officials signed a public letter claiming that the laptop had all the earmarks of a Russian information operation.

However, former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell later revealed that the Biden campaign orchestrated the letter to discredit stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

These revelations shed light on the extent of obstruction and political interference in the Hunter Biden investigation. Whistleblower testimony points to a deliberate effort to limit questioning related to Joe Biden, referred to as “dad” or “the big guy.” Moreover, prosecutors decided to keep the laptop from the investigators, obstructing their access to crucial evidence.

The implications of these revelations are profound. They raise questions about the integrity of the investigation and the potential existence of evidence of other criminal activity concerning Hunter Biden or even President Biden.

As the truth slowly emerges, it becomes clear that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was not a mere Russian disinformation campaign, as claimed by some, but a genuine issue that warrants further scrutiny and investigation.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story as the facts continue to unfold. The American people deserve transparency and accountability, and it is crucial to ensure that justice is served in this case.

Source Fox News