You’ll NEVER Guess What Biden’s End Game Could Be

According to Miranda Devine, a Fox News contributor, President Biden might pardon his son Hunter as the Department of Justice investigates him for potential tax and gun-related violations. Devine’s comments came after Biden’s interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, where he claimed that Hunter had done nothing wrong.

Devine argued that Biden’s response was premeditated and part of a broader strategy to frame the investigation as a “political witch hunt.” She also noted that Biden is likely setting up a “sympathy card” for his son, portraying him as a victim of persecution who deserves a pardon.

Sources close to the matter revealed that the DOJ is close to reaching a decision on potential charges targeting Hunter Biden, although the exact timeline remains unclear. Hunter’s lawyers recently met with DOJ officials, reportedly leading to tensions between his attorneys and the president’s legal aides.

Devine warned that Hunter’s legal decisions could be “a legitimate headache for the White House” and that Biden’s strategy is to keep himself and his family out of trouble by pretending to be a victim of a political witch hunt.

Source Fox News