You’ll Never Guess What’s Threatening Biden’s Support


Democratic members of “The Squad” have warned President Biden about the risk of losing progressive votes if he negotiates with Republicans on the debt ceiling.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy blames Biden for the lack of progress in raising the debt ceiling.
Progressives like Rep. Jayapal and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez insist that Biden should not compromise on their core values, such as clean energy reform and welfare work requirements.

There are discussions among progressives about using the 14th Amendment to bypass spending cuts and raise the debt ceiling unilaterally.


  1. The debt ceiling negotiations are becoming increasingly complex and partisan.
  2. Progressive Democrats are pressuring Biden to stick to their agenda, potentially jeopardizing bipartisan compromise.
  3. House Speaker McCarthy holds Biden responsible for the lack of progress, highlighting the challenge of bridging the divide between the two parties.
  4. The potential use of the 14th Amendment introduces another layer of uncertainty and constitutional debate.
  5. The outcome of these negotiations will have significant implications for the nation’s economy and political landscape.

The warnings from progressive Democrats in “The Squad” highlight the growing divide within the Democratic Party. While it is essential for Biden to engage in productive negotiations across the aisle, he must also address the concerns of the progressive wing to maintain party unity.

The debt ceiling issue demands careful navigation to ensure economic stability while balancing the demands of different factions within the Democratic Party.

Finding a solution that satisfies both sides will be crucial for Biden’s presidency and the future of the party as a whole.

Source Fox News