You’ll Never Guess Who Stepped Down From This Coveted Position

Federal prosecutor Jabari Wamble has withdrawn his nomination for a Kansas district court seat, citing his commitment to his current role at the United States Attorney’s Office in the District of Kansas. Insiders expected Wamble to receive a “not qualified” rating from the American Bar Association.

This development follows the withdrawal of Michael Delany, a nominee for the First Circuit Court of Appeals, after facing intense questioning about a prep school rape case he was involved in as a defense attorney. These incidents raise concerns about President Biden’s judgment in selecting qualified nominees for judicial positions.


  1. Jabari Wamble withdraws nomination for Kansas district court seat.
  2. Aides anticipated Wamble receiving a “not qualified” rating from the American Bar Association.
  3. Wamble’s withdrawal marks the second instance of a Biden nominee declining an appointment.
  4. Michael Delany previously backed out of a First Circuit Court of Appeals appointment after tough questioning related to a high-profile prep school rape case.
  5. Concerns arise about the Biden administration’s vetting process and the judgment behind nominee selections.

President Biden’s nomination process for judicial appointments continues to draw criticism. The withdrawals of Jabari Wamble and Michael Delany raise questions about the administration’s ability to select qualified candidates.

These incidents indicate a lack of thorough vetting and proper judgment in assessing nominees’ suitability for important positions. It is crucial for Republican voters to hold the administration accountable and demand a more transparent and rigorous process.

Our courts deserve qualified and unbiased judges who will uphold the rule of law, and it is evident that President Biden’s choices have fallen short of these expectations.

Source Fox News