You’ll NEVER Guess Who’s Failing to Meet Expectations

Vice President Kamala Harris is having a hard time gaining support among Democrats, with only 73% of her own party approving of her job performance. While her approval ratings have improved slightly among independents and Republicans, they are still low, with just 36% and 15% respectively.

Her approval among Democrats has dropped by 4 points since January, and her approval ratings among women and Hispanics are at record lows.

Overall, only 43% of voters approve of the job she is doing, with 54% disapproving. Her personal favorability rating is net negative by 16 points, with 57% of voters having an unfavorable view of her.

According to Democratic pollster Chris Anderson, her ratings reflect the highly partisan environment in which national politicians have a hard cap on approval ratings in the mid-forties.

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s favorability ratings are also underwater by 16 points, with a record-high unfavorable rating that includes majorities of Democrats and independents, and a sizable minority of four in 10 Republicans.

Looking back at the start of President Biden’s vice presidency in 2009, he had a 53% approval rating that hit a low of 38% in December 2009 before inching back up to 40% in September 2010.

Overall, Biden’s current job rating for president sits at 44% approve versus 55% disapprove.

Source Fox News