You’ll NEVER Guess Who’s Keeping Quiet

President Biden’s reluctance to hold formal press conferences has been a major concern for many in the media. Even The Washington Post, which is known for its liberal bias, published an editorial that called out Biden’s fear of the press.

According to The Post, only Presidents Nixon and Reagan have had fewer press conferences than Biden over the past century.

This is in stark contrast to former President Trump, who held over 202 press conferences in his first two years of office, and former President Obama, who held 275.

Biden’s avoidance of press conferences has only fueled accusations of his reluctance to be transparent and accountable to the American people. The Post implored the president to hold more conferences with the press to promote public accountability and instill confidence in his administration.

It’s time for Biden to prove that he is not afraid of the press. The media is not his enemy, and he needs to start acting like it.

Source Fox News