You’ll Never Guess Who’s Slammed For ‘Troubling’ Actions

In an exclusive report, the Biden campaign is seizing on a recent event involving former President Trump and Sen. Tommy Tuberville to highlight concerns about the GOP contender’s approach to national security. The campaign is slamming the “”MAGA playbook”” as “”extreme”” and a threat to military readiness.

Trump, along with Sen. Tuberville and Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, is scheduled to address the Alabama Republican Party at the ALGOP’s annual Summer Dinner event. However, the Biden campaign is using this opportunity to criticize Trump and Tuberville’s actions.

Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz told Fox News Digital that Trump’s endorsement of Tuberville’s reckless political antics endangers America’s national security. Munoz argues that Trump should align himself with the majority of Americans who oppose Tuberville’s actions, which have led to a blockade of military promotions.

Munoz adds, “”This is the MAGA playbook: play political games no matter the cost. And in the egregious case of Senator Tuberville, they compromise our military readiness and stand in the way of women who want to make their own health care decisions.””

Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung responded, accusing Biden of pulling out of Afghanistan in a “”disgusting and abhorrent”” manner, leaving Americans stranded and emboldening terrorists worldwide. Cheung emphasizes that Biden’s actions weakened America and made it less safe.

Tuberville has also been holding up President Biden’s Department of Defense nominees over the Pentagon’s policy of providing travel expense reimbursement and paid time off for service members and their families receiving abortions. Tuberville calls these decisions “”shameful”” and accuses the Pentagon of using national security resources to pursue a far-left agenda.

The back-and-forth between the Biden and Trump campaigns continues, with Tuberville maintaining his stance against the Pentagon’s abortion policies. He argues that it’s not about military readiness but about politics.

This ongoing dispute highlights the divergent approaches to national security taken by the two parties. While Republicans like Tuberville prioritize a strong military and oppose the politicization of defense matters, Democrats led by Biden have been accused of jeopardizing military readiness with their progressive agenda.

Source Fox News