You’ll Never Guess Who’s Under The Political Microscope Now

Opinion writer Michael Goodwin’s recent article in the New York Post has sparked discussions about the potential presidency of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Critics highlight her frequent word salads and consistently low approval ratings, which raise concerns about her suitability for the role. Despite Harris’ impressive resume, questions arise about her performance when facing the cameras.

It is crucial for Republican voters to consider the implications of a Harris presidency, particularly given President Biden’s age and health concerns.


  1. Harris’ approval ratings remain low, with only 37% of voters approving of her job performance, according to a recent poll.
  2. Concerns surround Harris’ communication style, characterized by frequent word salads and a perceived inability to connect with the public.
  3. Despite her accomplishments, Harris seems to struggle when addressing the cameras, which raises doubts about her ability to lead.
  4. Democrats face a conundrum, as they cannot easily replace Harris without angering a significant portion of their electorate.
  5. Harris’ potential presidency could be similar to Biden’s, leading Republicans to question the direction and effectiveness of the current administration.

The concerns surrounding Kamala Harris’ path to the presidency should not be taken lightly. Republican voters must remain vigilant and informed about the potential consequences of a Harris administration.

With Biden’s age and health concerns, it becomes crucial to evaluate the leadership and decision-making abilities of his vice president. The nation needs strong and capable leadership, and it is up to Republicans to ensure that their voices are heard in shaping the future of the country.

Source Fox News