Another shocking revelation: You’ll Never Guess Who delayed the Ukraine invasion.

Former President Donald Trump revealed in an exclusive interview with Fox News’ “Special Report” that his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin had a significant impact on delaying the invasion of Ukraine. Trump, known for his strong relationship with Putin, shared the details of their discussion during the interview.

According to Trump, he warned Putin that an invasion would result in catastrophic consequences and that there would be severe repercussions. He emphasized that their conversation played a pivotal role in preventing the invasion from happening while he was in office.

“I have a very good relationship with Putin. Although we haven’t spoken in a while, I can say that our bond was strong,” Trump stated when asked about resolving the conflict within 24 hours, a promise he had made multiple times.

Trump firmly asserted that Putin would not have proceeded with the invasion if he were still the president. He mentioned, “I thought he might consider it, but I talked to him directly. I made it clear that there would be hell to pay and it would be a catastrophe. I urged him not to take that path.”

Initially, Putin doubted Trump’s determination, but the former president stood his ground. Trump recalled, “I assured him that I would take action. He didn’t believe me at first, saying, ‘No, no, no, you will not do that.’ But I told him, ‘Vladimir, I will do it. I’m going to do it.'”

Trump, who is also a prospective 2024 presidential candidate, acknowledged that Putin may have only believed about 10% of what he said. However, he argued that even that small fraction was sufficient to dissuade the invasion. Trump added, “It was only after I left office that you started hearing about this.”

When asked about Ukraine’s status as a separate country from Russia, Trump affirmed its independence. However, he mentioned that it used to be part of the same nation, and Putin preferred it that way.

Regarding the ongoing conflict, Trump declined to provide specific details of a potential negotiation between the two countries, such as Russia’s control of Crimea, as he believed it could impede progress. Nevertheless, he expressed confidence in his negotiation skills, asserting that he could reach a resolution within 24 hours.

Trump emphasized his track record as a successful dealmaker, claiming, “I became very rich by doing deals. Much more than people understand. And that’s what I do.”

He expressed his belief that by bringing Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and Putin together and reiterating his position, he could swiftly broker a deal. Trump maintained that such an agreement would put an end to the death and destruction that Ukraine has endured.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has now extended beyond 480 days, and Trump’s revelation sheds light on the potential impact of his diplomatic efforts during his presidency.

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Source Fox News