BREAKING: Biden-Ukraine CHAOS That Will Leave You Infuriated

President Biden’s unannounced trip to Ukraine on Presidents Day drew criticism from Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate, who were quick to point out that the president should have been more focused on domestic issues such as the border crisis and the toxic chemicals affecting East Palestine, Ohio.

Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida noted that the border crisis was a pressing issue that needed attention, yet Biden had chosen to visit Ukraine instead. Freshman Senator Eric Schmitt of Missouri echoed this sentiment, tweeting that the president was in Ukraine before addressing the issues affecting Ohio.

Senior Senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley, also weighed in, stating that Biden had “no time to visit East Palestine, Ohio but plenty of time for this.” Similarly, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia criticized Biden’s decision to visit Ukraine on Presidents Day, calling it “incredibly insulting” to the American people.

Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama drew attention to the fact that the president had now spent more time in Ukraine than at the southern border, where a crisis was unfolding that posed a threat to national security. Meanwhile, Representative Scott Perry of Pennsylvania expressed frustration with Biden’s handling of the border crisis, stating that it was “breathtaking” that the president could prioritize foreign affairs over domestic issues.

Republican lawmakers were also quick to point out that Biden had yet to visit Ohio, where residents were still dealing with the aftermath of a toxic chemical scare. Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina even suggested that the president take a detour on his way back from Ukraine to visit the affected area.

While some Republican lawmakers focused on the border crisis, others criticized Biden’s foreign policy decisions. Biden’s trip to Ukraine comes just days before the one-year anniversary of Putin’s invasion, and during his visit, the president announced new sanctions on Russia and pledged to deliver more military defense to Ukraine.

Despite the differing opinions and criticisms, it is clear that Republican lawmakers are concerned about the president’s priorities and his handling of domestic issues. With the eyes of the American people on him, Biden will need to find a way to address these concerns while also fulfilling his foreign policy goals.