Did This Rule Just Change The Game At The Border?

Hey there, fellow passionate Republican voters! Today, we’ve got some big news coming straight from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and it’s a win for the Biden administration. But, hold on to your hats, there’s more to the story!

So, you know how the Biden administration introduced the Circumvention of Lawful Pathways rule back in May? Yeah, that one! It’s the rule that stops migrants from claiming asylum if they’ve crossed into the U.S. illegally and failed to seek asylum in another country they passed through. Well, it’s been a cornerstone of the administration’s strategy to deal with border issues, especially after the end of Title 42.

But, guess what? A coalition of left-wing groups decided to challenge this rule, arguing that it restricts the right to seek asylum in the U.S. and is similar to a Trump-era transit ban that got struck down. The Biden team, of course, countered that claim, pointing out the expanded lawful migration pathways and the ability to rebut the “”presumption of ineligibility”” in certain cases.

And here comes the juicy part – Judge Jon Tigar of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California initially blocked the rule, saying it’s “”both substantively and procedurally invalid.”” However, he delayed his ruling for 14 days to give the administration time to appeal.

Now, the Biden administration wasn’t going to take this sitting down, and they appealed the ruling. And guess what? A panel of three judges on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals approved a temporary stay, blocking the judge’s order from taking effect while the case is being heard.

But, there’s always a fly in the ointment! The Trump-appointed judge on the panel dissented, criticizing his colleagues for treating this differently from Trump-era restrictions that were similar. He hilariously compared the Biden rule to a trendy baby born from the union of the Trump administration’s Port of Entry Rule and Transit Rule, dressed up with a phone app!

What’s next, you ask? Well, this ruling might just keep a potential fresh migrant surge at the southern border in check. Though the overall numbers have dropped since the end of Title 42, there are hints of an increase.

Hold on, folks, there’s even more! Republican-led states are also challenging this rule, accusing it of being a “”smoke screen”” to downplay illegal crossings as “”lawful pathways.”” Talk about a legal battle, huh?

Stay tuned, fellow Republicans, as we keep an eye on this developing story. The border strategy is heating up, and it’s just the beginning! Keep your ears open for the latest updates!

Source Fox News