Oops! Did This Prosecutor Just Make The Biggest Mistake Of His Career?

In a stunning turn of events that can only be described as shocking, the once steadfast federal prosecutor, Leo Wise, now faces intense scrutiny for his conspicuously lenient prosecution of Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden. For those not in the know, Hunter was set to plead guilty to minor tax evasion charges in a bid to steer clear of more severe felony gun charges. But thanks to what many legal experts are dubbing a “”sweetheart deal,”” he appeared poised to escape the full force of the law.

The deal, which was constructed to allow Hunter Biden to plead guilty to minor tax charges while completely bypassing a potentially crippling gun charge, smacks of the kind of political favoritism that Republicans have been cautioning against for years. Remember, this is the same Hunter Biden, with a laundry list of questionable business associations spanning China to Ukraine, who has been in the GOP’s crosshairs for seeming improprieties.

Judge Maryellen Noreika, who heroically stepped in to question the deal’s validity, appears to be the lone beacon of justice in this saga. She is putting the brakes on what many see as a trainwreck of political favoritism and unbridled protectionism. Her focus on Wise’s involvement in the plea deal raises eyebrows, but not as much as Wise’s sudden departure from his usual relentless prosecutorial style.

It’s almost ironic how Wise, known in legal circles for his fearless pursuit of corruption and wrongdoing, now seems to have chosen the path of leniency. Has he been influenced by the political clout of the Biden family? While the answer remains to be seen, one thing is clear: America is watching, and we will not be hoodwinked.

Source Fox News