Rep Luna’s BOMBSHELL: Biden’s Priorities Questioned After $200M Ukraine Move Amidst Hawaii Crisis

In a recent turn of events, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has taken a bold stance against President Biden’s recent actions. The severe wildfires in Hawaii have claimed the lives of at least 99 people, leaving families devastated and communities in ruins. Yet, President Biden’s response to this tragedy has been notably silent, especially during his beach getaway in Delaware.

While the nation mourned the loss of its citizens, Biden announced a $200 million military aid package for Ukraine. This move has raised several eyebrows, with many questioning the President’s priorities. Luna, in a video posted on social media, expressed her dismay at Biden’s decisions, emphasizing the importance of addressing domestic tragedies over foreign aid.

“”It’s unfortunate,”” Luna stated, “”that Biden continues to prioritize sending aid to foreign countries when Hawaii just experienced its most devastating wildfire to date.”” She further highlighted the plight of the families who have lost everything they own and the rising death toll.

The President’s lack of response, especially when confronted by reporters about the rising Hawaiian death toll, has drawn criticism from both sides of the aisle. Bloomberg White House correspondent Justin Sink reported that Biden had nothing to say in response, further fueling the outrage.

Luna’s criticism is a reflection of the growing discontent among the public. The President’s silence on a domestic tragedy while allocating funds for foreign aid has many questioning his leadership and priorities. As the nation grapples with the aftermath of the Hawaii wildfires, the call for a more responsive and empathetic leadership grows louder.

Source Fox News