The Battle of Education Leaders Vs The Education President: The Unlikely Victor

In a recent speech at the 2023 NEA teacher’s union’s annual meeting, first lady Jill Biden made a bold claim about her husband, President Joe Biden. She proudly declared that he will always be “”the education president.”” However, this assertion has sparked intense criticism from education leaders and concerned parents across the nation.

Sheri Few, president and founder of United States Parents Involved in Education, expressed her disagreement with the first lady’s statement, stating, “”Biden is THE most anti-parent education president in the history of this country! And he is THE education president that carries the water for the NEA.””

Few further criticized the Biden administration for their disregard of parental concerns and their alignment with the liberal NEA agenda.

Education experts and parents are pointing out the failures of the Biden administration when it comes to education. The recent “”Nation’s Report Card”” revealed that reading and math scores for 13-year-olds have plummeted to their lowest levels in decades, and many attribute this decline to school closures that Biden’s critics claim he encouraged.

Erika Sanzi, director of outreach at Parents Defending Education and a former educator, harshly criticized the president’s handling of education, saying, “”If being the education president means sharing a bed with the teachers’ unions, locking children out of their schools for over a year and vilifying their parents for objecting, and subsequently, presiding over the total evaporation of two decades of progress in reading and math, then yes, the title fits perfectly, and he deserves a crown.””

Dr. Jameson Taylor, American Family Association senior fellow and director of policy for AFA Action, highlighted Biden’s missed opportunity to make a positive impact on education. According to Taylor, Biden had a “”once-in-a-generation opportunity”” to become the true “”education president”” but instead “”failed America’s kids”” by enabling the mediocre status quo and prioritizing divisive ideologies over fundamental subjects like reading, writing, and math.

It is clear that Biden’s claims of being the education president do not resonate with parents and education experts who have witnessed the negative consequences of his administration’s policies. Concerns about school closures, declining academic performance, and the promotion of controversial ideologies have ignited a fierce backlash against the president.

As parents and educators, it is crucial to hold our leaders accountable and demand a focus on providing quality education that prepares our children for a successful future.

Source Fox News