Guess who made a “terrible mistake” according to top House Democrat?

In a shocking turn of events, President Joe Biden has given the green light to send cluster munitions to Ukraine. This decision has sparked outrage among conservatives and Democrats alike. The top Democrat on the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, Rep. Betty McCollum, has called it a “”terrible mistake”” and warned of the dire consequences that could follow.

Cluster munitions are weapons that release smaller explosives over a wide area when detonated. These deadly bombs have been banned by over 100 countries due to their potential to harm innocent civilians.

The legacy of cluster bombs is one of misery, death, and expensive cleanup for generations to come. The United States already spends millions of dollars annually to remove cluster munitions in Laos from the Vietnam era, as these remnants of war continue to claim civilian lives.

Russia and Ukraine have both utilized cluster munitions since the start of the conflict. While the White House acknowledges the risk to civilians, they argue that Ukraine needs these weapons to defend itself against Russia’s aggression.

White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan emphasized that the Pentagon is sending munitions with a “”dud rate”” below 3%, minimizing the risk of unintended casualties.

However, Rep. McCollum strongly disagrees with the decision. She believes that the United States should have no involvement with these controversial weapons whatsoever. As a staunch supporter of the Biden administration’s policy in Ukraine, she expresses her absolute opposition to the transfer of cluster munitions, calling for their elimination from U.S. stockpiles instead of dumping them in Ukraine.

The divide among Democrats is evident, as Rep. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, offers rare praise to President Biden for providing Ukraine with the necessary means to combat Russia’s invasion. Cotton emphasizes the importance of Ukraine having equal access to weapons, including cluster munitions, to defend itself effectively.

On the other hand, Rep. Barbara Lee, a Democrat from California, voices her alarm at the consideration of sending cluster bombs to Ukraine. She warns of the long-lasting threat these munitions pose to civilians, as unexploded bomblets can remain active for decades.

This controversial move by the Biden administration raises serious concerns and deserves scrutiny. The Ukrainian people are fighting for their rights and freedom, but we must question whether sending cluster munitions aligns with our values and the principles we hold dear. The United States should prioritize peaceful resolutions and seek diplomatic avenues rather than resorting to the use of such dangerous weaponry.

Source Fox News