Who’s In A War Of Words With The Media, You’ll Easily Guess

President Joe Biden had a tense exchange with a reporter on Tuesday night when he was questioned about the ongoing debt ceiling negotiations. As House Republicans refuse to raise the debt ceiling and increase the amount of money that the federal government can borrow, Biden has been in talks with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. But when the reporter asked about these negotiations, Biden snapped back, “Well, you didn’t listen, either, so why should I even answer the question?”

The President continued to defend his position, highlighting that the deficit has already been cut by $160 billion, and he raised taxes on 55 corporations that made $40 billion to 15%. However, he also pressed the reporter on what specific cuts McCarthy was proposing for the federal budget.

Biden even mentioned that he’s been considering invoking the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to end the federal debt limit fight. But experts are skeptical of this strategy and question whether it would work in this context.

Republicans and Democrats have been at odds over raising the government’s borrowing limit, with Republicans insisting on $150 billion in discretionary spending cuts, while Democrats want a “clean” debt ceiling raise with no preconditions. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has projected that the U.S. will run out of cash to pay its current obligations as early as June 1.

As we continue to navigate this debt ceiling debate, one thing is clear: Biden’s inability to work with Republicans is causing even more division and tension in Washington. It’s time for the President to step up and put the needs of the American people first.

Source Fox News