You’ll Be Shocked To Know Who Just Received An Honorary Degree

President Biden’s honorary doctorate degree from Howard University has triggered skepticism among conservatives.

While the university’s president praised Biden’s analytical intellect and popularity, critics on social media and recent polls dispute these claims.

Polls show Biden’s approval rating at an all-time low, and House Republicans demand a cognitive test. Biden’s focus on white supremacy in his commencement address has also drawn criticism for dividing Americans.


  1. Conservative skepticism: Many conservatives question the portrayal of Biden as popular and intellectually sound, considering his low approval ratings and demands for a cognitive test.
  2. Poll contradictions: Recent polls contradict claims of Biden’s popularity and analytical intellect, revealing doubts about his ability to effectively serve as president.
  3. Cognitive test demand: House Republicans, including former President Obama’s physician, call for Biden to take a cognitive test or reconsider running for president.
  4. Focus on white supremacy: Biden’s emphasis on white supremacy as the most dangerous terrorist threat has drawn criticism from conservatives who argue it divides Americans instead of uniting them.
  5. Social media mockery: Critics on Twitter mocking the description of Biden, with some comparing it to parody due to perceived contradictions.

The controversy surrounding President Biden’s honorary degree raises legitimate concerns among conservatives. The discrepancy between his alleged popularity and low approval ratings cannot be ignored. Additionally, the demand for a cognitive test reflects the doubts about his mental sharpness.

Furthermore, conservatives argue that Biden’s focus on white supremacy perpetuates division instead of promoting unity. The criticism on social media further highlights the skepticism surrounding Biden’s portrayal.

As the debate continues, conservatives urge the Biden administration to address these concerns and provide clarity on these matters.

Source Fox News