Another Day, Another Controversy, You’ll Never GUESS Who

President Joe Biden’s decision to run for re-election in 2024 despite plummeting approval ratings and grim poll numbers has received criticism from podcast host Joe Rogan and comedian Dave Smith. They speculated that Biden kept Vice President Kamala Harris as his running mate to insulate himself from risks.

Rogan described the move as a “kind of a b**** move,” while Smith wondered if Biden and Harris’ public performances were all an act to sound as dumb as possible. They also criticized Biden’s decision to choose Harris as his running mate despite her being deeply unqualified for the job.

While Rogan sympathized with people wanting more representation in various jobs, he warned that powerful and influential roles must be merit-based. He added that he could never understand the pressure that must be on a person who is unqualified for the job.

Source Fox News