Oops! What The White House Might’ve Wanted To Hide

In a move that has left conservatives scratching their heads, President Biden finally acknowledged his seventh grandchild in a statement to People magazine. The child in question is his 4-year-old granddaughter, Navy Joan Roberts, whom his son Hunter Biden had with ex-stripper Lunden Roberts.

The timing of this revelation, dubbed by conservatives as a “”Friday night news dump,”” is raising eyebrows. While Biden insists it’s not a political issue but rather a family matter, critics argue it’s a strategic move to avoid potential political fallout.

According to sources close to the matter, Biden sought counsel and approval from his son Hunter before making the announcement. He wanted to ensure he had the “”green light”” from Hunter, which he received just last week. This cautious approach to handling the matter seems to follow a pattern, as Biden reportedly followed his son’s guidance throughout the legal case surrounding Navy’s mother.

Republicans are seizing this opportunity to attack Biden, accusing him of hypocrisy. They argue that Biden’s reticence about his youngest granddaughter undermines his claim that family is the “”absolute most important thing”” to him. Invoking the emotional aspect of Biden’s family narrative, they are painting him as a heartless politician who is willing to scar his granddaughter’s life for political gain.

Biden’s aides are reportedly caught off guard by the intensity of the backlash. They anticipated this attack since the 2020 election but failed to devise a robust response. Initially, they considered simply stating that Biden had only six grandchildren, hoping the issue would die down. However, the controversy was reignited after a scathing column by Maureen Dowd in The New York Times, which criticized Biden for not accepting responsibility for his son’s actions and their consequences on his granddaughter.

While the Biden family dynamics will likely be a talking point in the 2024 election, the White House is banking on Americans sympathizing with the complexities and challenges faced by families. However, it remains to be seen how this unfolding saga will play out on the political stage.

As passionate Republican voters, it’s essential to keep a close eye on these developments and hold Biden accountable for his actions. Let’s continue to push for transparency and integrity in our leaders and not let emotional narratives cloud our judgment.

Source Fox News